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Hip Hop

What's Nightcore?

Nightcore is sped up music. Sometimes a song is more powerful and upbeat if you speed it up. Good Nightcore songs intensify the feelings we get when we listen to music. That’s why we love Nightcore so much!


What's Nightcore.com?

Nightcore.com is a giant database of Nightcore songs. We have sorted the songs by Music Genres, Moods and Special Playlists. Do you love Pop or Rock? Or do you just want some fast music for a Gaming Session? No matter what mood you’re in, we have the right Nightcore Songs for you!

Link: Nightcore.com in a nutshell (Link folgt später)

Every Song Nightcored

We try to offer a Nightcore version for every song out there. On YouTube, you can just replace the “youtube” in the URL with “nightcore” and you get the Nightcore version of the song on our website.

Original Song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcRJGHkpm8s

Nightcore Version: www.nightcore.com/watch?v=FcRJGHkpm8s


The Nightcore Community

We love Nightcore! We were fans since the very beginning of Nightcore when mostly electronic songs got nightcored. Now Nightcore is more varied and nearly every song has a Nightcore version. We love that Nightcore grows so quickly and we want to build up a great Community with you!

We need your help to make Nightcore.com what it should be: The first stop for everyone to enjoy great Nightcore and connect with other Nightcore Freaks!

You can help us in various ways:

-       Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube

-       Tell us your wishes, suggestions and ideas so Nightcore.com becomes a great website

-       Send us your favorite Nightcore songs and playlists

-       Report bugs, unavailable Nightcore songs etc.

-       Enjoy Nightcore! :)

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