Become a popular Nightcore channel now!

In the Newcomer Program, popular Nightcore channels and will promote your content. Thousands of people will see your channel and become new and active subscribers! Get access to cool tools like the Nightcore Discord Bot and your own website. Join the Newcomer Program and reach the next level. Apply now!

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Effective Promotion

The core of our program is the promotion of your content. You'll get promotions on popular Nightcore channels with at least 10,000 subscribers. Additionally, your content gets promoted on and Social Media. This combined promotion is very effective and leads to new and active subscribers.

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Cool Tools and Features (Coming soon)

Newcomers get access to powerful tools and features to extend their possibilities:

  1. Your own website to present your content to your fanbase and attract new people
  2. A Discord Bot specifically designed for your needs as a Nightcore Creator with customizable commands of your choice
  3. Full access to our Nightcore Maker
  4. And much more!


Our team is always there for you. If you have any questions that need to be answered or problems that need to be solved, we are here to help you!

Business Opportunities

There are plenty of possibilities for ambitious Newcomers who are interested in earning money by producing Nightcore. If you want to know more, please message us.

Newcomer Levels

We invest in our Newcomers by paying 50% of the costs of the Newcomer program. Newcomers only pay the half but get the full promotion and support from! There are different levels of our newcomer program. The higher the level, the more and better promotion you get.

Newcomers Levels Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Monthly number of people who will see your content
on & other platforms
1000 2000 4000 10000
Personal Nightcore Website
Nightcore Discord Bot*
Full Access to Nightcore Maker*
Exclusive Artwork* ×
Promotion on popular Nightcore Channels ×
Premium Channel Promotions × ×
Business Opportunities × ×
Guaranteed amount of subscribers after 6 months × × 1-2 K 2-4 K
Exclusive VIP Promotions × × ×
Customized Artwork and Intro × × ×
Monthly price 5$ 10$ 20$ 40$
Your monthly savings
(Because is paying 50% for you)
5$ 10$ 20$ 40$
Newcomers Levels Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
* Coming Soon

How it works

How it works new comers

The main part of the Newcomer Program are the promotion days. The promotion days start with a promotion on another Nightcore channel and are followed by several days of constant promotion on and Social Media. We found out that this is the most effective way to attract new and loyal fans to your channel.

Once you've become a Newcomer, you'll get a detailed program plan for the next months. You can see an example of this plan on the image on the left. The plan contains every date for your promotions, the installation of your website and bot as well as other important dates. We'll take care of the most things without any further action from you. But the promotions on other Nightcore channels need your attention.

There are two different ways how Nightcore channels will promote you. They will either make a post in their community tab or upload a video from you on their channel. For a post in the community tab, you just need to give us a link to your currently best video. If the channel will upload a video from you, you have to discuss the details with the promoting channel. We'll message you one week ahead so you have enough time for that (don't worry, all of our promoter channels are very kind).

Do you have any questions concerning the Newcomer Program? Don't hestitate and ask us! Contact us or join our Discord server to talk to us.